Government Relations

NMMA Government Relations

The National Marine Manufacturers Association Government Relations (NMMA GR) office is the premier voice of the recreational boating community throughout the country. We provide NMMA member companies consistent, proactive government affairs solutions to a variety of concerns that impact our industry and bottom line. We stand vigilant to protect and celebrate the stature and integrity of the entire recreational marine industry within the Administration, in Washington DC and state capitols or deep inside federal and state regulatory agencies.

As the largest association representing North America's recreational boating industry in Washington DC, NMMA GR is making a difference every day for our members nationwide. With dozens of policy issues impacting our industry, NMMA GR's job is to assure that the voices of the independent marine manufacturers are heard in the halls of congress, at regulatory agencies and in the White House.

For nearly three decades, NMMA GR has fulfilled its mission to create, promote and protect an environment in which our members can achieve financial success through excellence in manufacturing, selling, and service.